So what is the best weighted vest for working out? It’s an easy question to ask. Finding the answer, however; now that can be tougher than the next Crossfit, speed training, or plyometrics workout you’re planning to do. Weighted vests are growing in popularity and more and more people are discovering just how beneficial they can be for your training.

But how do you know which one is actually the best bang for your buck? Well, we’ve put together this little resource guide that can at least help you narrow your selection down and make a choice that is perfectly suited for you.

Now just a quick note: Since there are so many options when it comes to weighted vests, we decided to keep our comparisons to vests with a load capacity of 30 pounds or more. Check out our other weighted clothing reviews and resource guides before you buy.

Comparison Guide of The Best Weighted Vests

PictureNamePriceWeight MaterialFeaturesRating
PictureNamePriceWeight MaterialFeaturesRating
V-Force Weight Vest $$$$25-150lbs1000 D nylon bodyPadded body and shoulders,narrow body, breathing panels,Lifetime Warranty, accessories, Colors, One size fits all[usr=4.9 max=5]
MIR® - Weighted Vest (SHORT STYLE) $$$15-90lbs 1200D reinforced nylonDouble padding, Velcro belt, High Torso Fit, Short & Long Styles, Pro Models[usr=4.7 max=5]
ZFO Sports Adjustable Weighted Vest $10-80lbsReinforced NylonSnug Fit, Double Padding, One Size Fits Most[usr=4.6 max=5]
BOX Crossfit Weightvest $$$20-100lbsHeavy-duty construction. Wipe-able liner. Fully padded in the shoulder and body.Form Fitting, Fully padded in the shoulder and body. Various styles[usr=4.6 max=5]
TKO Adjustable Weighted Vest $$$10-40lbsSynthetic Snug Fit, Velcro, Stretch Pockets[usr=4.5 max=5]
Pure Fitness Weighted Vest $$40lbs NylonSand-filled weights, Fully adjustable closures, One size fits most,Reflective trim[usr=4.4 max=5]
X-Vest Weight Vest $$$$20-84lbsAnti-bacterial, Anti-microbial Dry land or pool, Patented Elastic Velcro Straps, Snug fit, XS,S,M,L,XL[usr=4.4 max=5]
Fighting Sports Power Weighted Vest $$1-30lbsNeoprene constructionSnug fit, Heavy duty zipper, S,M,L,XL, [usr=4.2 max=5]
Valeo Weighted Vest$$1-40lbsDurable, breathable meshReinforced shoulder padding, One size fits most, Adjustable clip belts, Accessory pocket, Reflective binding [usr=3.8 max=5]
GoFit Weighted Vest$10-40lbsNeoprene paddingReinforced shoulder padding, Velcro waist wrap, [usr=3.4 max=5]

Our Top 3 Choices

The V-Force Weight Vest

weighted vest

Topping off this list of vests is a heavy-duty, durable vest built for the rugged athlete or the beginning fitness enthusiast. The V-Force weighted vest boasts some outstanding features including a double layered reinforced nylon body, hydration ready shoulders & optional reflection bands. Not only that, the V-Force is cut in a short style to keep the weight off of the stomach and allow for great mobility when working on the abdominal and core muscles. This one size fits all vest comes in a pretty wide selection of camouflage patterns and colors.

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This bad boy comes with reinforced pockets that can take 2.5lb weights in both the front and the back. With great add-ons and accessories, such as sweat liners, hydration packs, and running pads, the V-Force weighted vest has set the bar pretty high and is worth a second look.

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The MiR Weighted Vest

Mir Weighted Vest

Weighing in at a close number 2 is the MiR Weighted Vest. This rugged vest is designed specifically to work the abs and the core. It comes in a huge variety of styles, and models for the beginner, intermediate and advanced wearer.

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The MiR vest is a one size fits all marvel that fits snug to the body and comes in styles such as the perfect fit, the narrow fit, the slim weighted vest, the short vest, the pro vest and the list goes on. Here is a breakdown of the available styles and weights in MiR vests:

  • Women Vest: 5-30lbs
  • Super Compact vest: 10-30lbs
  • Short Vest: 35lbs-60lbs
  • Firefighter Vest: 35-60lbs
  • Pro Vest: 50lbs-90lbs
  • Short Plus Vest: 65lbs-90lbs
  • Pro Plus Vest: 100lbs-120lbs

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MiR also has a huge selection of weighted clothing including weighted shoes, shorts, gloves, ankle & wrist weights.  This brand also has a specific model designed exclusively for women! Overall, the MiR vest is a compact, durable & comfortable option for anyone interested in getting fit with weighted clothing.

The ZFO Sports Adjustable Weight VestZFO weight vest

Rounding out the Top 3 best weighted vests is a rugged selection from ZFO Sports. This inexpensive favorite is an awesome starting point for anyone interested in using weighted vests for working out, shedding pounds and building muscle. The ZFO weighted vest is a comfortable fit, durable vest with adjustable weights and a no-nonsense kevlar look.

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The upper and lower weight containers can take loads of weight without tearing and the vest leaves plenty of room for arm movement. This makes the ZFO Sports vest a perfect vest for doing push ups, pull ups, & dips. The straps on this vest are not fastened to the vest itself and some may find that to be burdensome, but otherwise, the ZFO Sports weighted vest is a great starter vest and may well be the only weight vest you ever need.

Now that you have seen the options and reviewed our top picks, it’s up to you to decide what meets your needs, is in your price range, and will help you gear up for your next weighted vest workout.