The 15 Minute Total Body Weight Vest Workout

The 15 Minute Total Body Weighted Vest Workout

weight vest workoutWeight vests can be a serious tool to incorporate into your workout routine when used properly. Useful even for beginners, weight vests can put your fitness level on the fast-track to a more fit, stronger body in just minutes a day. The vests work by creating more resistance, which in turn helps tone the muscles and, as an added plus, gives a good cardio workout.

Beginners, take note – your vest should weigh only about 10% of your body weight. As you gain in strength, weight can be added to intensify the workout. The goal is to get fit, not injured!

Before attempting any of the following exercises, be comfortable doing them with just your own body weight before you strap on a vest.

The three exercises in this weight vest workout are squats, which work the abs, glutes, and leg muscles; push-ups take care of the arms, shoulders and chest; and finally, the jump squat for the legs and to strengthen the core muscles.

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  • Beginners should shoot for 8 – 10 reps for each exercise, while the more advanced should give 12 – 15 reps.
  • All are done in sets of 3.
  • Don’t worry if you can’t do all the reps at first.
  • Start slowly and build your way up. The strength will come before you know it.
Traditional Squats
1. Squats for beginners – with the back straight, feet shoulder width apart and hips and knees slightly flexed, place hands on hips and slowly lower upper body by bending the knees. Once you have reached a comfortable squat position with no strain, hold for a count of 5 and slowly raise body back to original position.

2. Advanced squats – use the above position except place hands behind head, lower body until you reach a full 90-degree knee bend. Hold for count and return to original position.

Push Ups
1. Beginner push-ups – lie flat on stomach, feet together and legs off the floor (supported by the toes), hands flat, shoulder width apart and fingers pointed forward. Raise upper body with arms until they are 90 degrees at the elbow, hold for count of 5 then lower body until vest touches floor.

2. Advanced push-ups – the same starting position is used as for beginners, then raise body until arms are fully extended. Hold for count. If this is a little too easy for you, the starting position can have the feet elevated on a footstool or low chair to add a degree of difficulty.

Jump Squats
1. Easy jump squats – use the same beginning position as for regular squat but instead of slowly raising body, jump quickly into the air while raising arms straight up.

2. Advanced jump squats – same beginning position, squat until thighs are parallel with floor, then explode into the air with arms raised and without bending forward.