Top 5 Weighted Vests For Women

Weighted Vest for WomenWith all the different types of weighted vests out there, it can be really tough finding the right vest for you.  But if you are a woman, it can be downright frustrating. In a male dominated industry, finding a vest that is comfortable and designed with a woman in mind can drive you crazy. I’ve already covered the basics of selecting the best vests,   but to make the process a little easier for the ladies, I’ve narrowed down the top 5 weighted vests for women. Taking into account the look, the design, the price, and the comfort level, one of these 5 weight vests should be a perfect fit.

Mir Women’s Adjustable Weighted Vest

The Mir Women’s Adjustable Weighted Vest is designed to give the maximum possible comfort. This vest is designed with a form fitting open chest design that helps to maximize comfort. Adjustable straps fit people of different heights and body types. The vests come in at least three different sizes that offer weights from ten pounds to fifty pounds. It include weights that can be removed and are adjustable in 1.5 pound increments. The vest can be used to for plyometrics, walking, and even running. A great comfort and fit for any woman.

Hyperwear Hyper Vest

The Hyperwear Hyper Vest is another weighted vest option for women. It comes with ten pounds worth of steel weights, but it also has room for even more. The vest comes in a wide variety of sizes from small to extra large. The vest is designed to stretch and wick away sweat. The Hyperwear vest is also odor resistant. All of this technology makes the vest extremely comfortable to wear. It hugs the body and minimizes undue stress in the chest and abdomen.  This vest is great for gym work outs or walking around on daily errands. The price of this vest is higher than a lot of vests at $170 to $200 but it is definitely a great choice for the woman that need strength and  flexibility without compromising style and comfort.

ZFO Sports 20lb Vest

The ZFO Sports 20lb Vest is a cheaper option for women on a budget. This vest ranges from $30-$50 and boasts a unisex design. The vest is designed to contour to your body and stay tight and comfortable no matter what your body type. The material is designed to allow your body to breathe and thus will ensure your comfort while working out. The material can be a little bulky if worn under clothes.  The vest starts at twenty pounds, but it can be taken down by ¾ of pound increments so you can tone it down as necessary.  Great for brisk walks and runs, this vest is a perfect affordable option.

Tone Fitness Weighted Vest

The Tone Fitness Weighted Vest is another cheaper option as it can be had for less than forty dollars. The vest is meant to allow you to add strength and resistance without the bulky look and feel of most weighted vests. The design is very minimal and feminine which some may find more appealing. The vest is designed out of neoprene which makes the look and feel of the weights more sleek and comfortable on the body.

One problem with the vest is that it not very adjustable. There are very few adjustments that can be made so it’s design has been known to cause rub burn irritation if worn too long during intense workouts.  The vest also only comes in a fixed twelve pound weight option. One of the cool things about this vest is that it has a pocket for your phone. If you are okay with a one size fits all style vest you should be okay with the Tone Fitness Weighted Vest.

GoFit 10lb Walking Vest

The GoFit 10lb Walking Vest is the cheapest option of the five vests for women. This vest is adjustable so you can get the perfect amount of resistance for you.  The vest is constructed to have lots of room along the neckline to avoid irritation and a tight chest fit. It maxes out at ten pounds and then can be reduced in .75 pound units. The vest has a very comfortable design that allows it to slip over the head. The vest is meant to be worn while walking but could be adjusted for other fitness activities if necessary. One of the coolest things about this vest is that it is machine washable making it extremely easy to clean. This vest is a great option for women on a budget.

All of these vests provide different levels of resistance for women that are seeking a non-bulky, comfortable and form fitting weight vest. I suggest doing your research on each vest before you make your final decision and get the vest that works best for your comfort level, workout plans and body type.

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