ATI Strength Weighted Shorts Review

ATI Weighted Shorts

ATI Weighted Shorts

Overall Rating – [usr 4.3 max=5 size=16]

The weighted shorts designed by Athlete Training Innovations (ATI) are a new and truly innovative piece of  workout gear. With solid construction and great design, these weighted shorts are perfect for adding more resistance to your workouts.

Design & Style – [usr 4.3 max=5 size=16]

 The shorts are made of Neoprene, a synthetic rubber fabric and Lycra, a type of spandex fabric. The fabric has been anti-microbial treated and is anti-bacterial. The seams of the shorts have been bound significantly for extreme durability and to be long-lasting.

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Weight Capacity – [usr 4.3 max=5 size=16]

The ATI weighted shorts intensifies an athlete’s training and workout by adding weight to the lower torso. The weights for the shorts are made of a powder-coated lead. Each piece of powder-coated lead weighs a half of a pound. You can easily adjust the shorts to be the desired weight that will help you maximize your workout.   The weights are added by being placed in individual weight pockets located inside the shorts. The shorts can hold up to a maximum of 12 pounds.

Comfort Level – [usr 4.3 max=5 size=16]

These shorts have been designed to be both comfortable and productive. It has what is known as a single-lateral outer waist strap. The strap assist to ensure the comfortable fit of the shorts once weights have been added. The Neoprene and Lycra fabrics combined make for a comforting skin tight fit. The tight fit ensures that there is no chafing caused by the shorts while training. The shorts also have a detachable sleeve that attaches to the lower section of the shorts making them hang lower. They are available in sizes from small to XXL. The small fits a waist of 25″ to 28″. The XXL fits a waist of 39″ to 43″.

Usage – [usr 4.5 max=5 size=16]

There are several uses for weighted shorts. All types of athletes can use the shorts to enhance and significantly increase their quickness, strength and speed. These things are enhanced by wearing the shorts during regular workout and training sessions. Wearing the shorts while doing cardiovascular conditioning, agility drills, speed progressions are all great uses also. Other uses include boxing, plyometrics, core strength exercises and of course, running. The shorts can even be worn by swimmers during aquatic training. This is able to be done because the ATI weighted shorts are made of the same fabric found in wetsuits.

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Price Range – [usr 4.5 max=5 size=16]

The cost of the ATI weighted shorts is very reasonable given their durability and versatility. When purchased, five pounds of weights are included with the purchase. Additional five pound weight packs are sold at approximately $24.99 per pack. There is a ATI Weighted Vest that can accompany the shorts and even further enhance an athlete’s workout and training.

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