Are There Any Benefits To A Dog Weight Vest?

A Weighted Vest For Dogs?

dog weight vestWeighted vests. They’re good enough for man, but are they good enough for… man’s best friend?  While the thought of strapping weights onto the upper torso of your beloved pooch may freak you out, there are some major benefits to fastening a doggie weight vest on to your favorite tail-wagger.

In fact, a dog weight vest could make a major difference in your dogs health and well-being; and for some pretty solid reasons, too. Here are some reasons why your four legged friend could benefit from a weighted vest perfectly suited for him/her.

The Soothing Effect..Yes, that’s right….Soothing.

An active dog is often a healthy dog. But are you beginning to notice that your dog may be a little overactive at times. Overactivity and excessive energy in dogs can be particularly difficult to deal with and may even signal a hyperactivity disorder. A perfectly suited weight vest for your dog will actually apply a comforting pressure that will calm them down. This feeling gives your dog a sense of purpose and encourages emotional stability.

Much like a pressure vest for autism or ADHD, a dog weight vest can provide the sensory stimulation that a good loving bear hug does. This constant pressure sensation on the dog can soothe and calm the senses. The weight of the vest, along with the pull of gravity causes a therapeutic benefit that can be seen in just a few minutes in many dogs. A calm dog is a more responsive dog and the weight vest decreases the aggression that often prevents proper training.

The excessive movement and activity of the dog may decrease due to the added weight. Your dog is likely to become more focused, concentrated and noticeably calm, even in situations that will normally trigger anxiety.

The Health Benefits

Going on long walks with your dog is not only beneficial to you, but it will help your dog stay healthy as well. If your dog is overweight, the added pressure of a weighted dog vest is a great way to burn excess energy and shed unhealthy pounds in a shorter amount of time.

The added weight of the vest will improve your dogs strength and muscle tone over time and can decrease the suggested 20-30 minutes of daily exercise recommended by most veterinarians. Some people who use a weighted vest for their dogs have even cut their exercise time in half without sacrificing the health benefits of daily activity.

As a result of using a vest, you can expect to see your dog become more agile and have increased endurance. And hopefully you will too! So strap a comfortable quality weighted doggie vest on to your pooch and go for a 20-30 minute walk.

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