Fighting Sports Power Weighted Shorts Review


Fighting Sports Power Weighted Shorts



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The right gear can have a huge impact on your performance . When it comes to weighted clothing, they have to be specially designed for the activity to make sure that the material and design support and protect the body in the right places while allowing optimum range of movement. The Fighting Sports Power Weighted Shorts were especially designed for use in intensive fight sports such as boxing, MMA and other high intensity workouts.

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Made of high quality neoprene, these weighted shorts are pretty stretchable. The material and construction will conform to the body and fit like a glove regardless of the athlete’s shape or form. The material and stitching are reinforced to withstand rigorous activity.  These shorts are designed for fighting sports including boxing, kickboxing, some forms of wrestling and mixed martial arts. They can also be worn for high intensity workouts.

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A form fitting fit pair of shorts is important in fighting sports to eliminate loose fabric that could be a hazard during the workout. These weighted shorts  have a hugging fit at the waist and are generally great for adding power to kicks and maximizing lunges. The weights help to build stamina while adding power to your movements.


The shorts are made of black neoprene with blue and white color block accents along the sides of the thighs. The logo is emblazoned on the right front pocket and along the left cuff. The waist pair comes with an attached belt with heavy duty buckle. Althought solidly constructed, the buckle can slip out of place causing the shorts to drop off the waist a little.

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The Fighting Sports Power Weighted Shorts come with half-pound weights that add up to a total of 20 pounds. The weights can be adjusted depending on skill level and the overall fitness goal. These weights are secured into the inside pockets of the shorts, eliminating the possibility of weights flying out during a workout.


However, the weakest links in this otherwise sturdy construction are the seams of the pockets for the weights. The the angular edges of the weighted metal appear to stress the seams, causing fraying and ripping over time. These seams can be repaired at minimal cost to extend the life of the shorts.

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Neoprene molds to the contours of the body, but you can still move freely while wearing it. Since the weights are in half-pound units, you can add or take some away, depending on how much weight you can tolerate given the requirements of your sport.


The black neoprene material keeps the body temperature higher, and many athletes think this is a good thing because it builds heat tolerance while possibly promoting weight loss due to sweating.


The sizing of these shorts is based on long and thin body types. It may be wise to choose one size bigger than your normal size.

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The price range for the  in online stores varies depending on the vendor. Sports enthusiasts who have tried the Fighting Sports Power Weighted Shorts say that these are the best weighted shorts for the price. It is also durable except for the pocket seam issue, which appears easy to fix.


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