MiR Weighted Shorts Review

MiR Weighted Shorts

The MiR Weighted Shorts

Overall Rating – [usr 4.3 max=5 size=16]

The MiR Weighted Shorts are a straight up, lower body blasting tool that is ideal for the person wishing to develop and strengthen the quads, calves and glutes while building explosive power. While unique in style and design, these weighted shorts are comparable, if not superior, to other brands of weighted shorts.

Design & Style – [usr 4 max=5 size=16]

It has a comfortable but somewhat bulky and awkward design, but it stays firmly in place when exercising. The shorts have padded velcro belts, neoprene covering and multiple pockets for weights. The weighted shorts are easy to put on, and stay firmly on throughout most vigorous movements. The shorts have Nylon reinforced padding to aid in comfort, and an adjustable belt that provides stability. It out beats competitors on its’ unique design and style.

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While exercising, comfort is essential. No one wants to be in the middle of a workout and suddenly have to stop due to uncomfortable or faulty equipment. The MiR weighted shorts can fit and adjust to any body shape and size. The shorts are extremely comfortable, and have a heavy duty belt that holds up the user’s shorts. The weighted shorts are made with the customer in mind.

Comfort & Usage – [usr 4.2 max=5 size=16]

The MiR weights shorts are designed for all purpose training. They can be utilized by Firefighters, military, police, runners, athletes, etc. If you are an athlete, or simply a weekend warrior looking to get in shape, weighted training enhances your strength, endurance, flexibility, athleticism, and much more. They can be used in practically any physical activity, and can be beneficial to runners, boxers, plyometrics, core training, etc.. These shorts are highly recommended it you are aiming to take your training to the next level.

Weight Capacity – [usr 5 max=5 size=16]

These weighted shorts can hold up to 45 pounds of total weight. The shorts can be adjusted in three pound increments. This is a very useful quality to have in a workout product because people have different goals and ability levels. For example, if a beginner wanted to use this product, twenty pounds may be too much weight. However, with these shorts, they are able to start with a more manageable weight due to the three pound increments. Also, if you are looking to build strength, quickness, power, etc., being able to have weight increments is a must.

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Price Range – [usr 4 max=5 size=16]

The weighted shorts may seem a bit pricey, but the shorts are well worth it. The product is durable, and for many, is worth the added expense.

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