The MiR Weighted Vest Review

The MiR Weighted Vest At A Glance

Mir Weighted VestOVERALL RATING –  [usr 4.5 max=5 size =16]

The MiR Weighted Vest is one of the top rated vests in the market. But is it the vest for you?

While some people are seeking to merely increase the intensity of their regular workout routines, others might be looking for a muscle shredding weight vest, designed to build hardcore strength.

The MiR weighted Vest is truly designed to meet the needs of all athletes whether beginner or advanced.

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Design & Style –  [usr 5 max=5 size =16]

MiR Vest’s are advertised as “one size fits all” they can be bought in a number of different styles & options. From a Women’s Adjustable Vest, a Workout Plate Vest, a Pro and Pro+ Vests, a Short Vest, a Narrow Vest, a Pro Slim Vest, (whew)….and more; this vest has great versatility. This is a super versatile, all purpose vest, suitable for walking, running, boxing, plyometrics and weight training.

Weight Load – [usr 5 max=5 size =16]

The MiR Weighted Vest comes with individual weight pouches which allows you to adjust the weight very easily.  You can quickly pop a few weights in or out depending on the exercise and the resistance that you need for maximum burn.  The soap bar like weights are easy to slide in and out of the pouches, which are located on the front and back of the weighted vest.   The upper and lower positioning of the pockets allow for easier ventilation.  The sides of the vest are free of heat absorbing material, allowing the vest to be a “cool” option while you workout. The vests have varying weight capacities ranging from 10lbs for the beginner, to 200lbs!!…..for Thor.

Comfort – [usr 4.3 max=5 size =16]

The MiR Weighted Vest is also designed with comfort in mind. The vest fits snug and doesn’t constrict the movement of the arms or abdomen. This is perfect for doing push ups, running, or any other exercise.  The vest moves with you instead of against you. It adds resistance without getting in your way.

The shoulders of the vest are double padded, and the positioning of the pouches allows for even distribution of the weights. The vest is lined with mesh allowing it to be breathable while you sweat. Each vest also has multiple straps positioned mid chest, that prevent slippage and bounce during exercise.

The pouches are high enough off of the abdomen and torso area, that running with the vest, or doing abdominal workouts can still be very comfortable.  They fasten with Velcro material but can be a little confusing to tighten properly.  All in all, the MiR Weighted Vest takes the casual to intense athlete into consideration, and is an excellent addition to your weighted workout equipment.

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Price – [usr 4.3 max=5 size =16]

Moderately but fairly priced. Prices currently range from $39 to $399*(at the time of this writing). Given the durability of the material in this vest (it’s practically tear-proof), you can expect to get good value out of it for quite some time. Also, expect to pay a high price for the PRO & PRO+ models that carry a heavier weight load.

Load Capacity[usr 5 max=5 size =16]

The vests can carry 10lbs to 200lbs. They increase in increments of 10 or 15lbs on the low end and 20lbs for the more advanced vests.