TITIN Weighted Shirt System

TITIN Force Weighted Compression Shirt System

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TITIN Weighted Shirt

The TITIN Force┬áis the world’s only weighted compression shirt system. The compression shirt system consists of three parts.

The first part is an inner shirt with pockets (14) placed strategically over your major muscle groups. These pockets allow you to put up to eight pounds of inserts over your upper body and arms. The second part consists of the fourteen gel-based inserts and can slip into the pockets wherever you deem most effective for your workout. The third part is a double-stitched compression shirt that holds the weight down while still promoting an increase in blood circulation during your workouts and is made by material that wicks away moisture.

Material & Design

The compression shirt is also odor-resistant and contains stain blocking materials to ensure you’ll be using this product for a long time. By utilizing the TITIN weighted shirt system, you can build explosive speed, increase your strength, and add valuable resistance to your workouts.

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Used by those who need the most out of every movement, from NFL players to special forces, TITIN was officially launched in 2010 to develop fitted gear that incorporated weight to improve training and workouts while providing challenging resistance. The design of the TITIN Force weighted compression shirt is to lay across your major muscles instead of your joints so that you can move naturally during your workouts without the fear of adding stress where it doesn’t belong. The TITIN weighted shirt holds the weights strategically in place to eliminate swaying and shifting during your training which might otherwise throw your balance and weight-distribution off.

Titin Weighted Compression ShirtWeight Capacity

While other weighted workout gear requires the brunt of the resistance to land squarely on your shoulders which can cause poor posture and slouching, the Titin Force weighted compression shirt system is evenly distributed. In fact, eight pounds may not sound like much, but through patented technology, the weight feels closer to that of a 20-pound weight vest. The dynamic load distribution isolates your fast-twitch muscles, as well, due to the fact that the weight stays held directly to your core, unlike most weight vests which strain against athletes during their most rigorous workouts.

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Not only can the TITIN Force weighted compression shirt system aid you during your workouts, you can also freeze the gel pads and use the compression shirt as a mobile ice bath after training. You can even heat the gel pads up and experience your own personal heat therapy.


Whether you’re training for a national CrossFit competition or simply looking for resistance on your hiking trail, the TITIN weighted shirt system can add an extra level of work to your fitness process. The high-quality materials, from antimicrobial yarn to Sorbtek and Lycra fabrics, create a durable three-piece gear system that is sure to hold up to your most grueling workout conditions. Everything except the hydro-gel inserts can be thrown in your washing machine, as well.


For those of you that like to look good while working hard, the TITIN Force weighted compression shirt system comes in four different patterns: Midnight Black, Ice White, Desert Sand, and Steel Blue. Sizes range from XS to 4XL depending on your weight and chest size.

Ultimately, the Titin Force weighted compression shirt system is a great product that can be incorporated into your fitness routine, whether your workouts are largely cardio-based or you utilize more strength training. If you’re looking for a great way to add balance while increasing your quickness and agility, the TITIN Force weighted compression shirt system can help you reach your goals.