The V-Force Weighted Vest Review

The V-Force Weighted Vest

weighted vestOVERALL RATING –  [usr 4.9 max=5]

The V-Force Weighted vest is a versatile and extremely durable weight vest considered by many to be on of the best weight vests on the market. It comes in a variety of sizes & styles, suitable for beginners to hardcore fitness fanatics.  Ranging from 25 to 150lbs, V-Force boasts some of the most versatile and heaviest weighted vests on earth.

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DESIGN –  [usr 4.8 max=5]

The V Force Weighted Vest is made of triple-layered nylon with reinforced stitching, heavy duty webbing, and fully padded shoulders. The shoulder straps are wide enough to carry the weight load comfortably, but narrow enough to provide free range of motion. The weight pockets are reinforced with heavy duty webbing and close with heavy duty hook and loop tape. The weights fit snugly into the pockets and against the body. The two inch wide attachment strap is adjustable and uses both buckle and hook and loop tape for a secure fit. There is a sweat stopper liner available as a separate purchase. Although the weight vest has many features, it seems to be designed mostly for men. Women may have a hard time finding a vest that suits them.

STYLE[usr 5 max=5]

The V Force comes in 3 different styles. The basketball vest has narrower shoulders and a narrow vest profile to provide for maximum range of motion. Its smaller surface area means it can carry a maximum weight load of 30 lbs. The most popular version is the short vest. This version sits above the waist. The padded shoulders distribute the weight evenly and comfortably across the upper body area. Weight pockets in the front and back allow for distributing the weight were you want it so you can customize it for your particular workout. The long style vest sits right at the waistline and is designed to distribute the weight more evenly across the entire upper body. It has pockets in the front and back so that you can customize the weight load.

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WEIGHT LOAD[usr 5 max=5]

Weight capacity ranges from 25 lbs. up to 150 lbs. The basketball vest, due to its smaller size has a maximum capacity of 30lbs. The short style vest ranges from 25 to 100 lbs. and the large vest ranges from 45 to 150 lbs. The 150 lb. long vest is actually two 75 lb. vests designed to be used together.

COMFORT[usr 4.8 max=5]

The padded shoulder straps are wide enough to provide comfort in carrying the weight load, while still being narrow enough to allow free range of motion. The attachment strap is 2’’ wide so there is no twisting or pinching. It hooks securely to the front of the vest with both hook and loop tape and a buckle, eliminating side to side swaying of the weights.

COLORS[usr 5 max=5]

The V Force vest is available in 12 colors and patterns, including military and hunting camouflage. Available colors include: black, orange, red, coyote tan, marshall, mossy oak, sunshine, woodland, 3 day desert, desert marshall, multicam and universal camouflage.

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Price -The biggest drawback to the V Force is its price. Prices begin at around $165 for the 25 lb. short vest and top out at almost $400 for the 150 lb. long vest.  Despite the price,  the V-Force is a durable weighted vest and that comes with a lifetime warranty. Maybe the old adage, you get what you pay for applies here.

Uses – The many styles and weight options of this vest make it versatile. It works for any kind of training. Lighter weights are good for simply adding a touch more resistance to your regular workout. Wear it when you hike or run. Wear it out on the basketball court to enhance jumping skills. Medium weights are good for tactical, backpacking, and really amping up your regular workouts while the heaviest weights are useful for firefighters, pack testing and training.