Weight Vest Exercises For Explosive Speed And Power

SquatjacksAdding a weighted vest to your workout burns more calories, melts more fat, builds more muscle, and increases your power and explosive speed.  These exercises that will help your develop massive explosion to increased speed and improved vertical leap.

All of these exercises are plyometric and work the lower body, from the glutes down to the calves, but some will work the core as well. Doing 3 sets of 10 to 15 reps of each of these will yield awesome results.

It is important to remember that before doing these weight vest exercises, you need to be able to complete your regular workout without it. Weight should only be added when you have reached your peak and are no longer being challenged by your body weight alone.

Frog Jumps

weighted vest workout

 Start with your feet slightly further than shoulder width apart. Drop into a squat position, and quickly leap up and forward. Repeat this as soon as you land. This exercise will increase your vertical leap in addition to working cardio. To make this exercise harder, you can extend your arms in the air when jumping and touch them to the ground when squatting. This will add strength training for your abs.

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Box Jumps

BoxJumpBox jumps are done using a Plyometric Box or any platform that is at least two feet high. For speed jumps, immediately jump back down when your feet make contact with the edge of the platform (do not extend the legs to a standing position); for power jumps, extend to a full standing position on top of the box or platform before jumping back down. Speed jumps will increase explosive speed while power jumps will focus more on building quads and calves. As you get stronger and faster, increase the height of the jump. Properly constructed plyometrics boxes have multiple heights from which you can choose.

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Step forward with one foot, keeping your knee directly above your ankle to avoid knee injury, and take the other knee to the ground. Alternate legs by walking forward or just switch legs if you have limited amount of space. Lunges will strengthen the knee joint, quads, glutes, and your core as well as increasing balance. Once you are strong enough, try jumping lunges. Jump from a lunge position switch your feet, and land back in the lunge position. This will also add cardio to the exercise.

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Squat Jacks

SquatjacksWhile maintaining a squat position with your thighs parallel to the ground, move your feet in and out, from as wide as comfortable to right next to each other. Only the legs should move – upper body and arms should stay in the same squat position. Doing this exercise on a regular basis can increase your quickness, especially in lateral movements. In fact, you can add lateral shuffles while maintaining the same squat position to make the exercise more challenging.

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